ICE will revolutionise the way you run production, giving you back the time and space to create beautiful books. With its straight forward flat plan display you are able to view your projects, annotate, approve and send to press.

Based in Canary Wharf we have the advantage of being on the doorstep of major publishers, giving them easy access to us and us to them, enabling us to work to demanding deadlines.

ICE is proven to reduce tight schedules and allow complete transparency between external suppliers and giving full accounting of work carried out on each and every page, this allows project managers a real time view of how each title is progressing.

The simplicity of I.C.E provides options such as outputting Epsons, page lasers, creating marketing spreads, generating web optimised PDFs, enhanced tool, allow live turn page of each title with the option to automatically create fixed page Epub3 digital versions for Apple and Kindle devices.

For a full range of ICE services, we would be glad to demonstrate this at your offices.

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24h / 365 days a year global connection, allowing publishers
easy access to us and us to them helping you work to
challenging deadlines.



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Digital Production

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Digital Print

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Altaimage Corp.
411 Lafayette St.
6th floor, New York
NY 10003

Altaimage is a London and NOW New York based production agency dedicated to helping publishers and agencies create, manage and deliver their product to the highest standards. As a company we are continually evolving, keeping in touch with modern technologies whilst understanding the importance of an experienced operator using tried and tested techniques leaving an even balanced work-flow. The importance of the operators experience and knowledge is paramount to reproducing a quality service.



The Future of Publishing

ICE is the most complete web-based tool set, combining technical aspects of production with the lifecycle business workflow of multi-channel content. Based on standard, open technology, it allows seamless integration with third-party applications ranging from MIS or ERP systems to very specialized prepress applications for labels and packaging production. ICE lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and long term profitability.

Along with a very comprehensive feature list, Altaimage always keeps the ICE end user in mind. ICE offers an intuitive and responsive user interface in a standard web browser, along with or Apps on mobile devices such as the Apple iPad. ICE enables clients to communicate with users like never before, increasing overall efficiency.

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Mobile Solution

It allows your customers to participate in approval cycles through a WiFi or mobile data connection.

DIALOGUE Touch provides a quick and intuitive overview of all open projects for commenting on content and layout – practically anywhere.


ICE Fixed Page Workflow

Built into ICE we have been working alongside software developers to create a workflow that allows users to create Fixed page ePubs directly from there print pdfs with one click of a button.

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Some of our recent work




Higher resolution than the iPad retina display

The S200 photonic digital printer is LumeJet’s first commercial offering. The inkless technology works in a similar way to an inkjet using light, rather than ink, to make dots less than 0.005mm on silver halide-based media. It has a maximum print size of 1,000mm x 305mm.

“The LumeJet S200 is a unique new printer and we’re looking forward to building a market for its amazing output,” said King. “It’s not high volume or super fast but it’s ideal for bespoke work in runs of 1 to 10 or so with amazing ‘wow factor’ around the boardroom table. That’s its niche.”

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The Future of Publishing at your fingertips

Just image what it would be like to see your book or magazine title come to life, technology is traveling at a rapid pace, it shouldn’t be long until we see Chefs popping out of our iPads or mobile devices and showing you what to buy of how to cook.

Just imagine if that old photograph of Sir Winston Churchill began to tell you a story of The D Day landing.

Will it ever be possible to see you titles be created in real time, not just send off a parcel on the back of a motorbike and hope it comes back right in a week time, what about if you could see the production as if it was in your own office.

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