App Development


When creating apps we have to be aware of the variety of standards out there with apple and android formats and on a range of devices. Our digital team all have a background in design and desktop publishing so they are aware of the importance of aesthetics as well as function, turning a well designed printed book into a beautiful digital edition, incorporating rich media and interaction. Members of our team are on hand to advise and answer any questions that you have.

We use the production InDesign files that are used for the printed book to produce a digital edition which saves time in conversion and helps the design smoothly translate across the media. Keeping style sheets and master objects to ensure the correct formatting is used. At Alta we try our hardest to make the essence of the magazine translate to the digital format. An advantage with this format is the ability to add multimedia to your book such as video and sound to enhance the viewers experience.

This can be produced as a one off App or as a in-App purchase Application which is mainly for subscription periodicals or as the publishers home App (page) as a store front of publications. This way the customer has the ability to purchase through your app rather than via itunes or Android Market Place.

Advertising Option

Advertisers are now starting to embrace digital editions producing specific campaigns that take advantage of the rich media that is available. Using our digital service we are able to incorporate direct links to the specific products and add video or links to videos to encourage the reader to their sites. Creating digital edition is beneficial to the advertisers and the analytics which are available should help with market research.


Print and Digital subscriptions are options which are available. Print subscribers can have the ability to enter there subscription code and have the digital edition as you determine. There is also a option for digital only subscription which is added via the app store and there are a variety of options available for you such as 6 months, 1 year etc. With subscription theĀ  content is managed by you.

Users are also able to purchase magazines as they please without any subscriptions.


For samples please send us a message and we will get in contact with you

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