At Altaimage we have a dedicated team producing digital publications. In this new fast moving technology standards are constantly shifting and evolving and here at Alta we keep our fingers on the pulse researching and learning new standards on a daily basis..


When creating ePubs we have to be aware of the variety of standards out there from kindles .mobi to ePub formats and create a book that will view well on all formats from one single file. Our digital team all have a background in design and desktop publishing so they are aware of the importance of aesthetics as well as function, turning a well designed printed book into a digital book. Unlike a number of books on sale via Google books, Amazon or iTunes which suffer from being thrown together with function being the only priority.

We use the Indesign files and the style sheets to help the transition from printed book to digital. An examples of this is embedding the fonts, creating tables and columns where appropriate. An ePub will never be able to emulate a printed version but here at Alta we try our hardest to make the essence of the book translate to the digital format. An advantage with this format is the ability to add multimedia
to your book such as video and sound to enhance the viewers experience.


Fixed page

Fixed page is a technology evolved by Apple for the iBookstore. This format gives you the ability to create a digital book very close to the original format. This is especially good for highly illustrated books such as children’s visual books rather than content rich books.
Within a fixed page we are able to create animation, embed video and add sound for effect or as a read aloud version. This all adds to the experience and advantage that the digital format can bring and compensate slightly to not having an actual physical nicely printed book in your hand.


ICE Fixed Page Workflow

Built into ICE we have been working along side sofeware developers to create a workflow that allows users to create Fixed page ePubs directly from there print pdfs with one click of a button.

To find out more about ICE fixed page eBooks here

For samples please send us a message and we will get in contact with you

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