Whether a book, magazine or newspaper advertisement, managing a project consists of much more than just a single task. It’s about producing, managing, transforming and sharing digital content with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time and anywhere.

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ICE project management and multi-channel workflow

Centralised media production

ICE is the most complete web-based tool set, combining technical aspects of production with the lifecycle business workflow of multi-channel content. Based on standard, open technology, it allows seamless integration with third-party applications ranging from MIS or ERP systems to very specialized prepress applications for labels and packaging production. ICE lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output (print, web, ebook, movie, and others). It ensures productivity and long term profitability.

Along with a very comprehensive feature list, Altaimage always keeps the ICE end user in mind. ICE offers an intuitive and responsive user interface in a standard web browser, along with or Apps on mobile devices such as the Apple iPad. ICE enables clients to communicate with users like never before, increasing overall efficiency.

Mobile Solution

It allows your customers to participate in approval cycles through a WiFi or mobile data connection.

DIALOGUE Touch provides a quick and intuitive overview of all open projects for commenting on content and layout – practically anywhere.


Soft Proofing

By adding the DIALOGUE Engine Option, comments and requests for corrections on nearly any kind of media (incl. documents, video or sound files) are stored on a centralized database, avoiding any data communication issues. Measuring densities or checking available layers and single separations in positive or negative view is only a mouse click away. The ability to rotate a document helps reviewing content, especially on imposed or nested forms. In order to simulate a specific printing process or ink characteristics, opacity and order of separations can be altered easily, the same way a file view can be inverted.


Project Tracking

Being able to define all required milestones and their associated deadlines, combined with keeping track of available user capacity, helps all participants to track the progress, anticipate delays and reallocate resources if necessary. Customizable Smart Views allow for the creation of dashboard views which can provide an intuitive “to do” list for each user, who can then manually change the status of a step upon completion. Tasks such as file delivery or approvals are updated automatically in real time, completely managed by the ES system.

Meanwhile, milestones can coordinate entire production facilities, by triggering interactive actions of third-party applications or devices, like connected RIPs or color management servers. ES can receive updates from these systems, allowing for a real-time view of your particular job/project’s progress.


Information Management

Finding the right file when it’s needed is a crucial part of daily production. Whether it is for collecting similar specified files for output, or just to refer to a recently completed job, the cross-project search in ES uses an extensive list of file properties for fast results. Those properties are automatically indexed from available file metadata (XMP, IPTC, EXIF, and others), assembled from job ticket information from JDF-compliant MIS systems. It can also be added at any time from user-defined or standard tickets — for example, from the Ghent PDF Workgroup. The powerful search feature within ES is completed by an embedded filtering based on faceted classifications and taxonomy, typical requirements in asset management.
The metadata information is only one aspect of the global media production cycle handled by ES: in addition to their informational value, these properties can also directly interact with file processing workflows. By providing the fundamental data to process files based upon specific parameters (number of separations, document size, etc.), manual user intervention can be reduced to a minimum.



Newsstand Development

In order to publish information across media – through print, the Web, and digital devices – the e-Publication option leverages ICE server technology to turn regular PDF documents into interactive digital publications (magazines, newspapers, corporate documents, brochures and catalogues) as feature rich iPad Apps, interactive HTML5 content for your Web site or ePUB documents for various e-book readers. It provides the user with an integrated, intuitive and efficient web interface where rich content can be added to any otherwise static publication with a minimum of effort. Tools range from the retention of PDF tagging information to automatically adding detected hyperlinks or e-mail addresses to interactive hyperlink placement, TOC, video insertion, slideshows, and more.



Fixed Page eBook Solution

At Altaimage we have a dedicated team producing digital publications. In this new fast moving technology standards are constantly shifting and evolving and here at Alta we keep our fingers on the pulse researching and learning new standards on a daily basis..

ICE Fixed Page Workflow

With the ICE interface we have built, along side our partners, a straight forward system to enter interactive content, from hotspots to videos to your digital publication.

With the use of the ‘enrichment’ tool you can, in minutes, create links for your table of contents, add hyperlinks to images or text and embed video. When this is done there is a built in turn-page which you can view and test your interactive elements, as well as using this as an approval cycle. Within the turn page you can approve or reject pages as part of ICE’s project management system.

When you are happy, simply approve all the pages and your fixed page ePub will be created. It really is that simple!


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